Related Questions

Is low blood pressure bad for you?

Depends. Low BP or "hypotension" (less than 120/80) is always bad if happened all of a sudden. It has got several reasons. Of those reasons the common bad ones are 1)severe dehydration, any cause of 2)bleeding, any where in our body, 3)infections, hormonal dysfunction, and 4) heart conditions with failure, or hear attacks, to name a few. For some it can be a normal finding too, as low as 80/60.
Define Low. Generally, no. If we were all cavemen/women running around without salt and getting plenty of exercise, our top number (systolic) would be somewhere in the 90s our whole lives. Cheers!

Is it bad to have low blood pressure? How can I get help?

Not bad. Low blood pressure is better than high blood pressure. If it is causing you to be symptomatic, you may need more salt in your diet and/ or more protein. If you have no problems, then no worries. If you need help see your doctor. You can also see acupuncturist. Chinese medicine practitioner as I helps balance your body without meds.

Hoping you can tell me, is low blood pressure always bad?

No. Lower is usually better, unless it is from a disease state of your heart or dehydration or adrenal disease such as addison's. In other words, if you feel good and your general health seems good, it is nothing to worry about. Low blood pressure is only a concern if you are having symptoms related to it: dizziness, weakness, heart pounding, fainting, etc...

What is blood pressure? Is it bad to have low blood pressure?

Blood pressure. Is related to age, it is a little higher as we get older, but generally for a mature adult we like to see it less than 140/90 in a resting state. BP is not a static measurement. It can be 200/100 with exercise and excitement or stimulation (drugs) to 100/50 with rest and sleep. Several measurements over several days are necessary to find your mean BP and if over 140 consistently, may require treat.

Can you please explain why high or low blood pressure is bad?

Blood pressure. Too high pressure causes heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. Too low pressure can cause these and other problems. Something like an electric device, too much current it burns out, too little current it doesn't work.

I was out all day and exposed to direct sun for 4 hrs, I fainted twice after that and had low blood pressure and pulse, am I badly sick?!

Heat Stroke. With rest, hydration and some time you should be just fine.
Heat. It is likely that your body temperature rose and you became dehydrated. Cool off and drink copious amounts of fluid, but not pure water (electrolyte drinks especially).
Likely dehydration. Bulk up on fluids & electrolytes & see if symptoms resolve.