What kind of treatment is available for cerebral ischemia?

Prevention. After a TIA or even stroke, the next greatest risk, over next year is another stroke. The protocol often used includes aggenox and lipitor (atorvastatin). Need to make sure however, that you do not have carotid stenosis, and that hypertension, diabetes, high lipids, high homocysteine, all well controlled. Also, may sure that heart is not a primary source for a secondary stroke. Tpa deals with acute ischemia.
Variety. Transient or permanent tia needs diagnostic work up and medical or surgical therapy depending on major or micro vascular findings. Permanent -stroke needs therapy and treatment of underlying diseases diabetes, smoking, hypertension etc.
Several. Cerebral ischemia is the medical term used for a lack of adequate blood flow to the brain. Two carotid arteries in the front of the neck and two vertebral arteries in the back of the neck supply blood to the brain.These can get clogged with cholesterol causing a lack of blood flow to the brain -cerebral ischemia. Cholesterol lowering medications and antiplatlet agents to thin the blood are used.