What is the relationship between cardiac ischemia and shortness of breath?

Symptoms. Cardiac ischemia (lack of enough blood supply to a part of the heart muscle) can manifest as shorteness of breath (second most common symptom after chest pain).
Uncertain. The exact mechanism by which cardiac ischemia causes dyspnea is unknown. There are a number of possible reasons including 1) increased pulmonary edema from poor heart function during ischemia (ie systolic dysfunction) 2) weakening of filling of the heart during relaxation (ie diastolic dysfunction) and 3) increased sensation of shortness of breath due to chest pain (angina).

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Are cardiac ischemia and shortness of breath related?

Very possible. Shortness of breath often is a manifestation of cardiac ischemia. Although chest pain is a well known sign of cardiac ischemia , shortness of breath needs to be evaluated promptly. See your doctor. Read more...
Possible . While shortness of breath could represent coronary ischemia, this is not likely to be the only presenting symptom for coronary ischemia. If a patient presents with just shortness of breath, other ethologies such as underlying pulmonary issues, sinus issues, or hypertensive heart disease needs to be considered. Read more...