When in the heart does diastolic pressure occur?

When it rests. When the heart is relaxing in between beats.
AV closure. When the heart pumps the blood out the left ventricle the aortic valve opens to let the blood out of the heart and to the aorta and rest of the body, this is the systole and measured as the systolic blood pressure. When the aortic valve closes at the end of the cardiac cycle or during diastole, the pressure inside the vessels is the diastolic pressure.

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How can I lower diastolic pressure of heart?

Medication. There are many medicines which lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Also life style changes such as reducing salt intake, losing weight, and reducing stress can be helpful.
Diastolic pressure. We use the same medicines for systolic and diastolic pressure. Decreasing vascular resistance will lower diastolic pressure, decreasing intravascular volume will decrease diastolic pressure, and other steps...

What is the lowest diastolic pressure heart can handle?

It depends! A healthy, young athletic heart will do just fine in the 50's. An old/diseased heart may need diastolics above 70-80 to maintain blood flow through the coronary arteries.
DBP. Dbp measure the pressure in your blood vessels between heartbeats, when your heart is resting. Recents studies showed that dpb less than 60mmhg with sbp more than 100mmhg (isolated diastolic hypotension) increase the risk of heart failure in older adults. Published in hypertension a journal of the aha around 2010 or 2011. Stiff arteries and severe hypotension (many causes) can cause low dbp.

Which heart valvular disease is just associated with low diastolic blood pressure? (Systolic is good for instance 110)

Low DBP. A low diastolic blood pressure has many potential cause, valve disease is only one of them. The one most commonly associated with it is aortic insufficiency.

What is the lowest heart beat rate that could be considered normal? Also please tell me what the lowest normal diastolic blood pressure is.

Heart rate. Heart rate can be very variable patient to patient an athlete can have a resting hr of 30-40 and that would be normal. It really depends if you are dizzy of lightheaded. Below 40 in most ppl is a bit too low.

High diastolic pressure in heart found during cardiac catheterization, what does it indicate and/or is further testing needed?

Heart pressure. This is likely diastolic dysfunction, which indicates a stiffness in the way your heart relaxes. The heart may also be thickened. Usual cause is hypertension, and it may be reversibile with treatment. Diastolic pressure at cath will also be elevated with an enlarged or weakened heart (heart failure). The doc that did your cath can explain why yours is elevated.

Is there a heart valve disease that causes elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressures?

No. Elevated systolic pressure seen in severe aortic regurgitation but not diastolic pressure. In fact diastolic pressure is low in ai resulting in wide pulse pressure. Also seen in arterio venous fistula.