Is high blood pressure deadly?

High BP. The higher it is the shorter life you will have and the more time you will spend suffering from CVD,
Can be. This depends on your individual risks. Diet and exercise can lower high blood pressure, but this can take awhile. Medications also work. You should talk with your doctor.

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What causes high blood pressure?

Essentially unknown. There are some secondary causes of hypertension but for the most part we do not know what causes hypertension.
Several causes. Most prominent being genetics. If your family has/had high bp, odds are you will too. Obesity contributes. Added salt can impact some people's bp. Stress/anxiety and caffeine/stimulants can raise bp. See your dr if BP >135/>85.
Age. Obesity, genetics, high salt or alcohol intake to name a few.
HBP cause. 28 M from Zimbabwe asks what causes high blood pressure. 1. You inherited it from your family. Need more information. 2. You are eating too much salt. Please tell us your daily salt intake by using Fitness Pal to enter all you eat for 1 week and get back with us. 3. What meds r u taking? Some can cause HTN. 4. Do you eat licorice every day? Can cause HTN. 5. Many medical problems can cause HTN.