How can I stop high blood pressure?

Lifestyle & medicine. See your doctor! You need to have a doctor evaluate your blood pressure first. Stop smoking, increase exercise (starting with what you are healthy enough to do), and follow your doctor's instructions with regards to the above and the prescribed medication. Controlling blood pressure is one of the smartest things you can do to improve your health.
Lifestyle changes. Try lifestyle changes first: - don't smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco product. - lose weight if you're overweight. - exercise regularly. - eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat. - limit your sodium, alcohol and caffeine intake. - try relaxation techniques or biofeedback.

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How to stop high blood pressure medican.

Depends. If you at overweight, sedentary, and indulge in a high sodium diet, there are definitely changes in your lifestyle thay may lessen your need for medications. Your situation is specific to you and shold be discussed with your physician.

What medications stop high blood pressure?

About 3000 or more. Different classes of HBP medicines are (to name a few) Diuretics calcium channel blockers ACE inhibitors ARBs (angiotensni receptor blockers) Alpha and beta blockers and several more.

What medications can be used to stop high blood pressure?

Several options. The most commonly used anti-hypertensive medications are diuretics (e.g. hydrocholorothiazide) and ACE inhibitors (e.g. lisinopril, accupril, (quinapril) etc). Other classes of anti-hypertensive meds include beta blockers (metoprolol, atenolol, carvedilol, etc) and calcium channel blockers (nifedipine, amoloidpine, diltiazem, verapamil).

How can I help my mom to stop high blood pressure from recurring?

Probably can't. Hypertension is too complicated with many factors affecting it to "keep if from recurring". Goals for any patient with hypertension are to restrict salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, be close to ideal body weight. Finally stress and poorly controlled pain can be contributing factors. Finally, patients need to work closely with their physician for medications prescribed.

I am a female 27 years & am having a high blood pressure due to thinking, how can I stop it?

See your doctor. Symptoms like these have to be evaluated in real-time by your physician. He/she has access to your examination, laboratrory data and many other diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of what's going on and offer you help.

For what length of time can I stop taking high blood pressure medicines before it can start a problem?

Hypertension. Hypertension treatment is generally lifelong, if you stop sometimes BP will jump up very high within hours. Rarely someone is able to get off therapy.

I have extremely high blood pressure been on all kinds blood pressure meds after 2 weeks body gets allergic and have to stop taking why?

Side effects? What do you mean by allergic? If you are on amphetamine, it will likely be difficult if not impossible to control your blood pressure. Allergy to BP pills is very rare but side effects are common especially with the ace inhibitor type of med. Talk to your doctor to see if there is a substitute for amphetamine. Regular exercise will help reduce your BP as would be weight reduction if applicable.
BP Help. There are many things that affect blood pressure. Amphetamine can cause high blood pressure. Other factors include, weight, diet, and sodium intake. To help control blood pressure, exercise daily, limit alcohol to less than one drink daily. Follow the d.A.S.H. Diet. (dietary approach to stop hypertension) see dashdiet. Org.

I have high blood pressure, 148 or 142. I don't know what the cause is. Am I in danger of something if I don't stop my high blood pressure?

Blood pressure. Hypertension is when the blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mmhg for a significant part of the day. If untreated, these people have an increased incidence of atherosclerotic disease, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.