How can I raise my diastolic pressure?

Why would you? A low diastolic blood pressure could be due to leaking of the aortic valve or other problems so finding the cause is important. If you feel well, a low pressure, diastolic or systolic, may not be a bad thing. People with relatively low blood pressure live longer. And, how low are you talking about?
Why do you ask? If you feel well, low diastolic pressure is almost never a problem. The one exception is a leaky aortic valve. You would have been told.
Why. Please provide more information, normal diastolic pressures are between 60-80, diastolic BP is low in certain heart and medical conditions, are you having any symptoms and what is your blood blood pressure & medical problems if any?

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Is it normal for your diastolic pressure to raise 10-20 points while standing?

Changes are common. Usually systolic and diastolic BP will drop minimally while standing unless you are dehydrated. If you are healthy and do not have hbp, there is no use in measuring BP and could be generate plenty of anxiety. If you want to be healthy, i rather you spend your energy in exercising and eating right. Read more...