Can hypertension be cured?

It depends. Some causes of hypertension are reversible, most are not because in 95% of the cases we do not know what causes the development of high blood pressure. I suggest you read the following article: http://www.Heart.Org/heartorg/conditions/highbloodpressure/preventiontreatmentofhighbloodpressure/prevention-treatment-of-high-blood-pressure_ucm_002054_article.Jsp.
If its secondary. Hypertension can be primary or essential with treatment but no cure. Secondary HTN is caused by something like a tumor (adrenal adenoma) or renal artery stenosis (blocked blood suoly to kidney). These can be treated and effect a cure.
Paleo diet/low carb. Contrary to popular belief, best way to improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight is by completely stopping high carb foods (grains, lentils, potatoes based items). Also avoid milk protein since it causes insulin resistance. Low carb foods: eggs, fish, meats, vegetables, avocados, some saturated fat (butter, coconut oil), olive oil are very effective. This can help avoid med.

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Can gestational hypertension be cured?

Hypertension. Gestational hypertension occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is a blood pressure of 140/90 without any protein in the urine or any biochemical abnormalities seen with pre-eclampsia. The cure for gestational hypertension is delivery of the infant. Medical intervention is not always necessary and will depend upon the gestational age of the fetus. Read more...
Cure gestation HTN? Yes. Delivery always cures it if is gestational HTN. If it does not go away it is not gestational HTN. Read more...

What is essential hypertension? Can it be cured, controlled, and occurr in pregnancy?

Yes. Essential hypertension is blood pressure problems that can occur in someone who has a genetic predisposition or if they have risk factors, such as heart disease, obesity. Etc. It can be controlled with medications, maintaining a good exercise routine. It can occur in pregnancy also. Eclampsia is the hypertension related to pregnancy and is different. All can be controlled with adequate care. Read more...