How successful is heart bypass procedure for a stricken heart patient?

Depends. If the bypass is done before there is a lot of damage and if there are no complications, the patient should do well. Pain should improve and the patient should be able to recover.
Depends. Depends on coronary anatomy, ejection fraction, valve pathology and comorbidities. Your cardiac surgeon can tell you. In good candidates good outcome, in poor candidates poor. The society of thoracic surgeons risk calculator can give you an idea but must have all data requested for best estimation.

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Could you tell me what guarantee does a heart bypass procedure give to a stricken heart patient?

CABG. No surgeon in his right mind would guarantee a surgical result to a patient. In general coronary bypass patients have over a 90% chance of signficant improvement of their symptoms. In some situations that number won't be realistic and the patient is generally made to understand what they can hope for. Read more...

What guarantee does a heart bypass procedure give to family of heart patient?

Seriously? . Tatib5, in medicine, as in life, there are never any guarantees. I tell my patients that i guarantee that i will do my best to help them and i'll be there for them if things go wrong. Bypass surgery is a routine operation with a low operative mortality in most patients guarantees are not possible. Read more...