What is a normal range for HDL cholesterol?

>50 or >55. In general, for good heart health the generally recommended level for HDL is > 50 for men and > 55 for women. But it can be more complicated that that: you cannot rely completely on these simple numbers, and you can not look at numbers in isolation.
Varies. For men normal is >40 mg/dl, and for women >50 mg/dl. Our current guidelines suggest that >60 is a "negative" risk factor and <40 is a risk factor for heart disease. As usual exceptions exist, and there are examples of patients with low HDL who do not get heart disease and those with high HDL who do. Bottom line is extreme vaules at either end of the spectrum need evaluation by a lipid specialist.
Depends. Generally above 40 is acceptable in men and above 50 acceptable in women. If 2 times the HDL is less than the trigyceride level your system may be out of balance due to stress or too many fats or carbs and not enough omega 3 fatty acids.

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Total cholesterol is 232. Ldl direct is 150. Tc/hdl cholesterol ratio is 5.4...Do I need medication or is it normal?

A little high. Your cholesterol levels are a little high, particularly an LDL at 150. Whether you need medication depends on things like your lifestyle and medical history, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Maintaining regular physical activity and a diet low in saturated fats can help as well.
Depends on Particles. More than cholesterol, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is related to the number of LDL (LDL-P) and HDL particles (HDL-P). Because cholesterol in LDL and HDL particles is highly variable cholesterol levels often disagree with particle number. When cholesterol and particle number disagree CVD risk tracks with high LDL-P and/or low HDL-P, not LDL-C or HDL-C. Talk to your doctor about next steps.
CholeterolMisleading. To better understand the difference between cholesterol (a specific fat molecule) &amp; Lipoproteins (complex large water soluble particles which transport all fat molecules in the water outside cells around our body) carefully study: http://goo. Gl/wiiixy vs. Http://goo. Gl/W3fShR; choose the webpages you want (remember, some more marketing than working at truth, as best humans currently understand).

I'm 27 but my lipid profile is total cholesterol 199.0 mg/dl, LDL cholesterol 146.3 mg/dl, HDL cholesterol 33 mg/dl. Is this profile normal?

Cholesterol. Nope. Your HDL is way too low and you failed to share with us the second most important result, that of the triglycerides. As you age with low HDL your arterial risk will increase.
Dyslipidemia. Your total and LDL are at higher limits and as u grow older they will get worse in addition u have a condition of lower HDL which incresed your risk of cardiovascular disease the present medicines available fail to change this risk though can change lipid levels you also have a high chance of becoming a diabetic all is not lost good lifestyle like a mediterranean diet and exercise will help.

I am44 years old, female patient. In my last blood test there is Trigliserit:217mg/dl Cholesterol:204mg/dl HDL Cholesterol:33mg/dl VLDL Cholesterol : 44mg/dl and my insulin is normal but insulin resistance is little bit high (3, 47)Whatdoyou suggest?

If possible, restrict. Diet by reducing simple carbs, fats, and sugar. Move toward ideal body weight.150 min of vigorous exercise a week. After 3 months, see how much the numbers improve. Let us know.
Discuss w/doctor. This is a complex scenario, and requires much more information and thoughtful consideration than a short answer online forum. Discuss this with your doctor, and don't hesitate to ask questions so the interpretation of your tests and the plan is clear to you. Hope this helps!
Metabolic syndrome. You have high TG, low HDL and insulin resistance which suggests metabolic syndrome....included in this syndrome is abdominal adiposity and hypertension as well. You need to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way: exercise 4 x/week and portion control of what you eat. With a concerted effort, I suspect your lipid profile will improve. At 26, you owe it to yourself to live heart healthy lifestyl.