What can someone do to lower his or her LDL and raise his or her hdl?

StatinNiacinFood↓Fat. Statin+cholesterol absorption inhibitor work best for ldl, Niacin has best track record for increasing hdl. Food, low sugar/carb, ?visceral body fat & aggressive exercise also very helpful. See: nusi.Org. Ldl is always in nmol/l, best <700, HDL in µmol/l, best largehdl>10. See NMR lipoprofile. (cholesterol is a fat molecule made by every cell & promoted for low test price but is not correct issue.
Lifestle, meds. To lower ldl: limit dietary intake of foods with high cholesterol (eggs, red meats) and high saturated fats (cheeses, things fried in "bad oils", ice cream/pastries, etc); increase dietary fiber, nuts and soy; take 2g per day of plant stanols/sterols; take red yeast rice 2400mg/day; or medications. To raise hdl: lose weight; exercise; lower triglycerides/blood sugar if elevated; consider niacin.