What is the best way to get out of bed while pregnant?

From doc on bedrest. I was on bedrest for several weeks and surprised how quickly the quad muscles of the thighs became weak. A physical therapist (rpt) at the hospital taught me this method: lie on my left side, push off the bed with my left arm at the same time i swung both legs gently over the side of the bed. Then i sat till stable and put both feet solidly on the floor before standing. Women should ask OB also.
Take your time. Roll onto your side and move toward the side of the bed. Roll onto your bottom while hanging your feet over the side of the bed. Flex your feet and calves by pumping them up an down several times, this will help deliver some blood back up the heart and brain. Make sure you have something to hold while standing to remain steady. Start your day...
Using your arms. Once you're quite large it can be difficult to get up out of bed. Try rolling onto your side and then using your arms to push yourself upright to avoid back strain.
Getting Up While Pre. Getting up suddenly when pregnant can result in lightheaded or feeling faint. The best was to avoid this discomfort is move on your side, gently slide you feet to the floor, and raise your trunk slowly while continuing to sit on the bed. After a few moments you can slowly stand up. Pregnancy causes major shift in blood volumes and takes some time to cope with the hemodynamic changes.
Roll and push. Your stomach muscles are on stretch when you get big, so they really don't work very well. The best way to keep from straining them or hurting your back is to roll on your side and push yourself upright.
Slowly. Standing up too fast from lying down can make you feel faint, more so during pregnancy. The mechanics of getting up depend on your bed and how far along you are. Going from your side to sitting generally works pretty well. Sometimes getting on hands and knees before sitting up may help some women.