What does an echocardiogram do?

Images the heart. An echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to deliver a set of moving images of the heart. It gives us a lot of information about the function (and the strength) of the heart, its valves and the blood flow through the chambers.
SeeHeart & BloodFlow. Issues detectable by symptoms, stethoscope and/or ekg are limited; e.g. Most heart attacks & valve problems missed. Using us, 1-10 mhz, motion of the muscular chambers & blood flow become visible, measurements can be made & more issues evaluated. Us: safest of medical imaging techniques, yet quality very dependent on machine/tech/person/reader. Best always get video copies, read yourself & save.

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What does an echocardiogram technician do?

Perform cardiac echo. An echocardiographic technician performs cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram). This can be performed either in a hospital or in an office. The study takes 20-30 minutes and is noninvasive. Read more...
Performs the exam. The echocardiogram technician actually performs the echocardiographic exam. Most centers have a routine "complete" examination, but sometimes very specific procedures are necessary or requested by the physician. Read more...