Which part of the heart is affected by occluding the following coronary arteries?

See below. Lad ("left anterior descending" artery)--affects anterior (front) wall of the left ventricle, and apex (the tip). Circumflex artery--affects the lateral wall of left ventricle, and usually part of the posterior (back). Right coronary artery--affects inferior (bottom) wall of left ventricle and all of the right ventricle (if occluded proximally enough in its course).
See below. Note: these are general as anatomy differs in individuals - left main: the entire left ventricle; left anterior descending: the interventricular septum, anterior wall/lateral wall. Sometimes parts of the inferior wall. Circumflex (if non-dominant): the lateral wall; right coronary artery: the right ventricle, atria, lv inferior/posterior/and lateral walls. Dominant lcx:see rca, .