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What term describes the closing off of a coronary artery that results in tissue death of the affected myocardium?

Infarction. Obstruction / occlusion of a coronary often (not always -- there may be good collateral circulation) causes death of nearby heart muscle, the classic heart attack / mycocardial infarct (ion). Infarct is the physical lesion that the pathologist can show; infarction is the clinical illness. Lifestyle gives you much control over your coronary health -- good luck.
Infarction. Coronary occlusion resulting in a myocardial infarction.

Does nicotine cause a big vasoconstriction effect on coronary arteries? If any how long does it last? Surely body would override to myocardium needs?

Not necessarily so. Here's an article witch will answer most of your questions: http://content. Onlinejacc. Org/article. Aspx? Articleid=1121737 Just like the body can't override the effects of cyanide gas.