What types of patients gets congestive heart failure?

Several. Those with heart attack or coronary disease, leaking valves, hypertension, primary heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy), anemia, overactive thyroid, chemotherapy, or itamin deficiency.
Few here. Patients with heart attacks and chronic coronary artery disease; patients with severe chronic valvular heart disease; patients with structural heart disease like hypertrophic cardiomyopathies; renal failure patients with fluid overload; connective tissue disease like lupus just to say few.

Related Questions

Is continuos medication required for congestive heart failure patients?

Depends. Usually, CHF pts will need to be treated daily for life but there are exceptions depending on the cause of the chf, the severity of the symptoms, and whther there were extraneous factors that caused a flare of symptoms. Please note: if this is about you, chewing tobacco is very dangerous in the presence of CHF (can precipitate dangerous arrhythmias).

When do you require a crtd for a congestive heart failure patient? What is differences between crtd, crtp, crt, icd?

CRT. Cardiac re synchronization therapy is a pacemaker that corrects the loss of synchronization of both ventricles in CHF patients with marked intraventricular conduction delay. Because it is used in patients with low ef we often use it with defibrillator capability. Icd is a defibrillator device generally single chamber for patients who just need that function.

Just a general question I haveIs it common for a patient that has already been diagnosed with congestive heart failure 2 undergo a Heart Catherization?

Relatively. As part of the work up for heart failure ischemic cardiomyopathy is always of concern and this is when a heart cath may be extremely helpful in determining a possible cause.