What are the systems affected by congestive heart failure?

Beyond the heart. The lungs see increased pressure backing up, causing fluid accumulation. Chronically decreased forward flow from the heart often causes kidney damage. Rarely, if there are high enough pressures backing up to the lungs, this transmits from the lungs to the right side of the heart, and you can get back up from there to the liver, causing passive congestion, and sometimes even cirrhosis.
Congestive heart fai. CHF is a symptom complex. Many cardiac problems can cause chf. Generally loss of exercise capacity, shortness of breath, fatigue and sometimes peripheral swelling we call edema is present. CHF can be right sided, left sided or biventricular. It can be caused by systolic, diastolic or valvar problems. It affects the whole body and all its systems.

Related Questions

Would an EKG show congestive heart failure?

It can. Low voltage in an EKG suggest cardiomyopathy. Which goes by the hand with Heart Failure. - In addition Electrical Alternans in the EKG is also suggestive of heart failure.
Not really. I would respectfully provide an alternate view from the previous respondents. While their answers were factually correct pls remember that heart failure is a clinical diagnosis and an EKG is an overall minor component of that assessment. Eg: heart failure can be from ischemia, and we can see that on an ekg but at least half of HF cases are with preserved ejection fraction & an EKG can't help that.

Can a child have congestive heart failure and then have a heart attack?

Usually.... ..It's the other way around (such as with kawasaki disease), but yes, it's possible.
Not same as adult. There are rare illnesses like kawasaki disease that can produce coronary aneurysms & a heart attack in a kid. For most that would go into heart failure, it would be from a congenital heart defect or myocarditis. In both instances those patients would have a heart fail & develop a fatal rhythm disturbance. That has some similarities to an adult heart attack but I wouldn't use the terms that way.
CHF. If you mean MI with heart attack it is a rare combination but if you mean sudden arrhythmias leading to sudden death with congestive heart failure, it is more common then MI.

Need help. Is 22 too young to have heart disease/congestive heart failure?

It can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes young people also get affected by heart failure. Most often it relates to a viral infection that infects the heart muscle, called "myocarditis". This can lead to substantial heart failure in young patients, and is treated similarly to older patients with hf. However, sometimes the disease can get so bad that heart transplant needs to be considered.

What risks are associated with getting pregnant with moderate congestive heart failure?

High. Then normal physiologic changes that occur during pregnancy to prepare you for the delivery of your baby can worse your CHF symptoms and you and your baby could be at risk. Consult your OB for specifics.

Can it be that a family history of heart disease put me at risk of congestive heart failure at age 18?

Probably not. My advise to you is that during your early age you decrease all controllable risk factors possible. Keep healthy weight, do not smoke, control chol, bp, exercise, do not drink, control stress.