What are some of the symptoms of heart failure?

CHF. Shortness of breath with activities or even at rest, orthopnea, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (sob and cough at night), palpitations, chest pain, ankle edema, fatigue. All above symptoms depend how acute or chronic is the cause if the chf.
Fatigue and. .. Fatigue and shortness of breath are common symptoms of congestive heart failure along with, at times, leg edema. Unfortunately, none of these symptoms are specific to heart failure and one has to have an evaluation by a cardiologist before the diagnosis is made.

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What are some symptoms of left sided heart failure due to effects on the lungs?

Breathing problems. Left sided heart failure and pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs) mainly results in shortness of breath (sob). Sob with exertion and at rest in worse cases. You may, also get leg, swelling in addition. You may also notice sob while lying flat.

What are some common symptoms of advanced congestive heart failure?

Swelling & breathing. Advanced heart failure symptoms include difficulty breathing (particularly if lying flat) and swelling (usually of the legs). The difficulty breathing and swelling are both related to fluid that "backs up" into the lungs and legs because the heart is not pumping blood effectively.
Multiple. Shortness of breath at rest, inability to stand up from bed and walk (ny class iv) accumulation of fluid starting with the legs up to the whole body and lungs causing crackle sounds in the chest, lowering of blood pressure, tahycardia (unless taking beta blockers)and worsening of the kidney function and sometimes even worsening of the liver function (because the congestion).