Should I give my baby formula after breastfeeding?

No. After a baby has learned to be a good breastfeeder, it is ok to supplement breastfeeding with formula. However, supplementation is not needed unless the baby is very hungry after breastfeeding and cannot wait until the next breastfeeding; or unless the baby is not gaining weight properly.
No. Exclusive breastfeeding offers the full health and emotional benefits to both mother and baby. Supplementing with formular contibutes to excessive weight gain and interfers with the ability of the complete nutritional benefits of human milk to be made available to the baby's system. Before deciding on supplementation your pcp should evaluate your baby and discuss the best options available.

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My baby is in his month six & doctor did not want to give him infant formula, can I continue breastfeeding him while fasting in ramdan now?

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What statistics indicate that mothers should favor breastfeeding over using infant formula?

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