How do I know if I have heart failure?

Increasing swelling. This should raise your suspicion especially if associated with shortness of breath and easy fatigueability that is getting worse. The swelling is usually in the legs and is worst at bedtime and least in am on rising from bed. It is unusual to have CHF without leg edema in the evenings, unless you are taking water pills.
Heart failure. Heart failure means the heart is not pumping adequate output to satisfy the bodies needs. Usually this results in fluid retention, fatigue, edema, and shortness of breath. There is a form called diastolic failure in which the heart pumps adequately but to do this requires high intracranial pressures and fluid retention.

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How do I know if I have heart failure?

Heart failure. Common symptoms of heart failure are shortness of breath, fatigue, lack of energy, swelling. These symptoms can be caused by other diseases too and therefore should be evaluated by a physician.

How possible is it that I have heart failure?

Talk to your MD. There are many causes of heart failure, some can be treated and cured, and others are a life long disease. Make sure to follow up with your local cardiologist to rule out any reversible causes. Http://amansawmd. Com/2014/05/14/congestive-heart-failure-chf/

What is a way to tell if I have heart failure?

Various. Early signs are usually shortness of breath with exercise, reduced exercise tolerance, fatigue, or edema. If you are really concerned, see your doc and get it checked out.

Can I take dectromethophan if I have heart failure?

Heart failure. The only medication you should take for heart failure is whatever is prescribed by your heart doctor.

What to do if I have heart failure, can you be cured?

Depends on type. It depends upon the type of HF you have. Sometimes there are reversible factors, sometimes the HF is due to damage to the heart. Heart Failure is a poor term in that it is very general - kind of like using "cancer" as a term - obviously there are different treatments and outlooks for lung, breast, skin, or prostate cancer - Heart Failure is an analogous situation.

Is it possible for me to have children if I have heart failure?

CHF. For some people it is possible but the fetal and maternal mortality is high. It is not something we recommend.
See below. There is an increased risk to you if you become pregnant. Talk to your cardiologist and get their assistance if you decide to go forward.

I have heart failure. My daughter said I blanked out while taking to her and I was lying down at the time and I felt tired afterwards. What is it?

"blanked out " It is entirely possible that you had a brush with sudden cardiac death, absent much more detail re your condition eg EF etc you need immediate evaluation inc labs to exclude electrolyte abnormalities.

I have heart failure with a mild leakage in my triscupid heart valve. Should I choose surgery to repair it?

No. Everyone (close to 100% of human beings) have leakage of their tricuspid valve and it's even higher (probably 100%) of people with chf. Unless it's very severe, it should never be repaired as it isn't the cause of the CHF and the CHF won't get better by repairing it.
Leaky valve. Mild leak from tricuspid valve is not an indication for surgery.