How can you describe pleuritic chest pain?

CP. Chest pain due to heart diasese is called cardiac chest pain. Causes are depicted in the cartoon. Signs and symptoms and treatment vary with the cause of chest pain. Pleuritic chest pain worsens/occurs when you take a deep breath.
Worse with a breath. It is pain that gets worse with a deep breath or a cough.

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Fever, pleuritic chest pain and malaise for 2 days?

Get checked out. To see if there are some things that can facilitate your recovery. In the meantime get plenty of test & fluids. Hoping you have a quick recovery.
M.D. visit. I would suggest keeping a log of your temperatures and taking ibuprofen if it is a medicine that you can take. Schedule a visit with your physician and keep well hydrated as well. An annual flu vaccination is suggested for most adults.

Can pleuritic chest pain be cured through use of NSAIDs and/or a rib belt?

Pleuritic chest pain. Pleuritic pain will lessen with NSAIDs, these agents do not fix the underlying cause which must always be investigated an the index or first occurrence.

What is the most common cause of pleuritic chest pain? What should my doctor look for?

Many reason: consult. Can be due to heavy lifting (chest wall muscle pain). Pleuritic pain after a pulmonary virus. Smoke Inhalation. Gastric Reflux. Asthma. Also more serious: Inflamed heart lining. Small opening between heart chambers (PFO, ASD). Solution: Reflux: no food after dinner. Refrain heavy lifting. Asthma:need treatment. Heart problem must seek Consultation (PMD, Cardiology).

If my lupus was in remissino (no inflammation present), would I still get muscle & pleuritic chest pain) tapering below 5mg? Is inflamm cause of pain?

No. If lupus is in remission you should not have symptoms of the disease and you should be able to taper off prednisone. It is very common to have Fibromyalgia with lupus. This may cause your chest pain and muscle pain. It requires a different treatment. Your rheumatologist can help you sort this out.

Lupus & struggling w/prednisone drop from 6mg to 5.5 mg. Get pleuritic chest pain, muscles pain/stiffness, brain fog (mini flare or withdrawal sx)?

One likely solution. Sorting out the difference between pain from a flare of lupus and prednisone withdrawal symptoms is not an uncommon dilemma for doctors. In this case because of the confusion that you are referring to, it is more likely to be a flare of lupus, possibly triggered by the withdrawal from prednisone. In either case the treatment is likely to be to increase the prednisone and taper more slowly.
Alternate. If you need to come off the prednisone check with your specialist because some stay on a low dose everday for life to decrease symptoms you may start with 6 then next day 5.5 then 6 and alternate for a couple of weeks before decreasing to 5.5 alternating with 5 SOmeimtes though it still small even going 6 then 5 3/4 is possible to slowly decrease.

Have lupus. Struggling w/ prednisone taper below 5mg (head fog, pleuritic chest pain, body aches).MD said it's withdrawal symptoms & best to push thru sx. True?

Rheumatologist. Prednisone dose of 5 mgs or less is a low dose and since you're having pleuritic pain and other discomfort, your lupus may not be controlled. A rheumatologist is best qualified to evaluate and treat you.