How does cardiac defibrillator affect quality of life, ability to work?

Usually doesn't . Most people have no limitations. There are limits to exposure to electromagnetic interference, such as from large engines. Also, people cannot arc weld. There may be limits on how much weight may be lifted. Usually people cannot be commercial pilots or truck or bus drivers.
AICD. The aicd itself doesn't really affect quality of life much, the underlying disease process which provided the indication for the icd implant is what mostly dictates the quality of life and ability to work.

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Can you tell me how can cardic defibrillator's affect quality of life, ability to work?

2 answers: Defibrillators prolong life. Proven fact. They don't interfere with ability to work but the disease for which they're indicated often does. Quality of life: if they shock you, they ruin your quality of life because you never know when it's coming. Some people can live with that. Other's can't. Read more...