What is a list of foods I should avoid in pregnancy?

There are some... Avoid any raw or uncooked foods. Any foods left out on your counter or a deli counter should not be eaten. Generally, any deli meats should be cooked prior to consumption. Avoid any unpasteurized dairy foods or soft cheese with "veins" in it. Wash hands and foods properly; clean utensils/countertop after preparing meats and fish.
Avoid these foods. Pregnant women should avoid certain fish (shark, swordfish, king mackrel and tile fish) because of mercury. Deli meats unless must be heated through (risk of listeria). Non-pasteurized cheeses (like queso fresco) and juices should be avoided because of listeria risk. Please see the fda website for all precautions: http://1.Usa.Gov/flkdcq.
Avoid raw meat. In general, you should avoid raw or uncooked meat. Also avoid unpasteurized milk. You can handle raw meat when cooking, just wash your hands well.
Too much hype. I think there is too much hype and hysteria about this. Sushi, soft cheeses, hotdogs, lunch meats, fish in general...All are ok to eat. You want to eat fresh food, not heavily processed. Preferably your dairy is pasteurized. You want to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.