What role does a psychologist play during a cardiac rehabilitation program?

Help with stress. Many people with cardiac disease become stressed, anxious and/or depressed. These are distressing in themselves and can interfere in full participation in the physical aspects of rehab. Psychologists can be of enormous help with these problems.
Variable. Psychologists can be integral to cardiac rehab by: counseling on weight loss including the obstacles and how to overcome them; working on smoking cessation, including hypnosis when appropriate; and providing guidance on stress reduction techniques, as well as ways to control depression and anxiety, all of which increase risks of disease and dying in cardiac patients.
Pain. One of the physical issues in cardiac rehab is pain. Pain becomes a psychological issue when, if experienced intensely, and for a long enough period of time, it puts the patient at risk for such mental health issues as anxiety and depression. This is where psychologists come in to try to help with pain management. Imagine the anxiety and depression from cardiac surgery and accompanying pain. .