Is it safe to get Juvederm injections at a medi-spa? The prices are lower than I've been quoted from doctor's offices, and the spa says that only RNs give Juvederm injections.

Juvederm. Juvederm can be effective in experienced hands. Be sure to have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
There . There are various state and national guidelines for who can and cannot inject fillers. Unfortunately I have some circumstances in which there is very limited physician oversight in the medi-spa environment. Certainly there are advantages to having a rn injector (e.g. Costs), but this can be very short sighted as this is your face. You want an individual who specializes in facial injections and who completely understands the anatomy of what is being treated. This latter point is paramount. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md.
Get what you pay for. It is generally safe to get injections at a med-spa which has licensed practitioners. However, you will generally get a better result with an experienced injector, generally an MD with extensive training in facial anatomy. You also have to make sure they're using Allergan products and diluting them properly. For more see:
Who treats problems? So if you go to a medi-spa, and have an injection - what happens should you have a complication or a bad outcome? Do they then pass you off to a real doctor ? How do they get their juvederm - since it can only be ordered by a physician, under fda regulations? How do you know it really is juvederm, and not a knock-off? To me, it wouldn't be worth the few dollars saved.
Training . Training is important in who performs your injections. Nurses are trained professionals, but not as well trained as doctors in facial anatomy. Doctors who specialize in facial structures are even more highly trained. Facial plastic surgeons and dentists are trained the most in facial anatomy. So, when picking your filler injector, choose wisely. Depending on the training the nurse has had, he/she may be qualified to give the injections. Some food for thought, if the nurse does not inject properly, where will he/she send you? Answer: facial plastic surgeon. I would not recommend most dentists for it, either, but I have taken several courses and been trained by the companies who produce juvederm, restylane, (dermal fillers) radiesse, and artefil. Good luck!
It's . It's important to not cut corners when having a facial procedure like juvederm injection. You want to make sure your injector is very experiences and has an in depth understanding of the face and its underlying anatomy.