I have very bad under bite on bottom dentures should I see dentist or reg doctor? I have had dentures since I was 25 yrs old I am now 55 (30yrs)i have pain in my jaw joint it pops. My under bite is getting worse. Other people are committing on it. I don't w

TMJ, bone erosion. Your jaw joint popping is a TMj problem. Your "underbite problem" is related to bone loss and overrotation of lower jaw. Your best solution is to see a denture specialist - prosthodontist who can treat both your denture and TMJ needs.
Dentist. Your problem is dental, not medical. See your dentist about all of the wonderful prosthetic solutions available today that were not available 30 years ago. Your dentist may want you to see an oral surgeon and/or a prosthodontist, the specialists that can best help you resolve your issues.
Prosthodontist. You need to see a prosthodontist to evaluate your oral condition and dentures. You likely have worn the dentures down and suffered significant bone loss, and are probably overclosed and without much support. This specialist can diagnose your conditions and recommend treatment. He / she will serve as the captain of the treatment team to help you get better. Best of luck.
The . The first place to start would be the dentist. If this is the same set of dentures you got 30 years ago, you will need a new set. To prevent things getting worse, consider dental implants, both for a better fit as well as preserving bone.
Once . Once teeth are extracted from the jaw, a process of bone loss, both vertically and horizontally, starts. The only way to arrest this process is to place dental implants into the jaws. This will help to preserve the jaw bone. As this bone resorption process progresses the upper jaw appears to recede up and back and the lower jaw appears to move down and forward. This bone loss also makes it harder to retain the dentures in place. Thirty years of denture wear has created the jaw relationship that you describe. My recommendation is to obtain consultations with your general dentist, a prosthodontist, and oral and maxillofacial surgeon to explore you options. If enough bone is present, dental implants may be an option to help retain the dentures. Jaw surgery may be required to reposition the jaws into a better relationship so that the final restorations are properly oriented. This is an unfortunate consequence of early tooth loss.
You . You definitively need new dentures! your pain, the popping of your jaw is not normal. You need to see a prosthodontist, who is a specialist that will understand your condition, and give you an immediate solution to your problem. Good luck.