Should I get braces are get the teeth pulld? I have one, seemingly issue with my teeth the tooth right next to my front tooth is crooked and out ofh alignment with the other teeth other than that one tooth the rest of my teeth are straighten and line up..

Every . Every tooth has a function. Removing on because it is out of line is usually not the best plan, but it could be. Best to talk to an orthodontist to learn what your options are.
As . As a surgeon who makes a living removing teeth, i always make every attempt to save healthy teeth. There is nothing like a tooth to have good function and a pretty smile. When you remove teeth you start creating imbalances in your bite and alter how you look. Teeth are also important in the preservation of jaw bone. That being said, sometimes teeth are so malpositioned that they cannot be brought back into alignment or insufficient space is available for an orthodontist to reposition it. There are also cases where, selectively removing teeth will alleviate the need for jaw surgery. Also understand that sometimes more than one tooth will have to be extracted to maintain a symmetrical appearance and bite. Even with more information (pictures and x-rays) it would be difficult to give you guidance without a clinical exam which is impossible with this forum. The best recommendation that i could make is for you to have a complete workup by an orthodontist to determine your best option. Good luck.
Just . Just removing one seemingly problem tooth can open you up to a whole host of issues if not done for the correct reasons. You would be best advised by an orthodontist prior to taking any action on your own. They will be happy to help!