Could having a cleaning and immediately following a bleaching of my teeth cause an abscess resulting in 2 root canals? I have recently had these 2 procedures back to back and am now undergoing 2 root canal procdures. Could this have been caused by the bl

No relation. There is no relation, it's actually recommended that you get the whitening after cleaning . Whether this teeth had a cavity (decayed) or had a poor fitting old filling, the nerve had to be infected or necrotic ( dead) for the teeth to need root canal treatment . In rare cases the whining gel might irritate that old filling if its in the front teeth causing the symptoms to appear , rx in needed.
Unlikely. It is unlikely that these procedures could be causative for two root canal procedures. If the whitening made them irritated to the point of needing this treatment, then they were on their way to it anyway. The condition of the pulp inside the root is an indicator of the condition prior to the procedure. It might have been necrotic (dead) or fibrotic (almost dead).These do not happen overnight.
This . This is highly unusual unless the abcesses where already present and the problems were exacerbated by the procedures. There are many unknowns that prevent a concrete answer. The biggest question is were you having pain or were abcesses found radiographically? Another question would be was this home bleaching or in office? Do you have a lot of receding gums? Please provide more information so we can better answer the questions. In general, professional bleaching is safe and I have never seen abcesses develop from professional bleaching.
The . The cleaning that you had is a superficial removal of calculus and stains. I would find it highly unlikely that the cleaning necessitated the need for two root canals. Was the whitening procedure in office with a laser/bright light or the take home tray type? Also, are the two teeth in question in the front of your mouth or in the back, and do they have previous large restorations? There are so many variables here, it is hard to answer your question definitively without knowing all the particulars. The bleaching gel and hot light have been known to cause sensitivity in whitened teeth, which is usually transient. What does your treating dentist feel is the cause of the nerves dying and the need for the two root canals?
As . As stated above, more information is required to begin to give you a reasonable answer. I agree that a dental cleaning is highly unlikely to create a situation where you would require a root canal procedure. You state that you had an abscess. When did this occur in relation to the other procedures? It takes time for something to occur that would result in both the death of the tooth nerve and to set up a condition where an abscess occurs. In office bleaching procedures have know risks, that is why they have be done in that setting. It is conceivable that under the right conditions irreversible damage could occur to the teeth. If such a set of conditions did happen in your case, you can expect problems in multiple teeth, not just two. I recommend you pose your questions to you dentist for a full explanation of why your teeth need root canal treatment.