Where do I find more information on cardiac output and pre-eclampsia?

Google it. I'm an internist, but from what i remember from med school, where i delivered 30 babies in 30 days at umdnj (1970), the cardiac output peaks at 7 months, and decreases thereafter. Pre-eclampsia is an abormal preg state where the mother develops severe high blood pressure and edema. Needs aggressive treatment, including lots of rest. But look for an obstetrician answer.

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Can I take ic atenolol at 11 weeks of pregnancy to prevent pre-eclampsia? Blood pressure is normal, Cardiac output at the top of normal scale, HR 85.

Pregnancy and BP. Pre-eclampsia features protein in the urine and high blood pressure. Atenolol is a very good BP lowering medication but is not a first choice medication in pregnancy. Labetalol is safer. Preventing pre-eclampsia requires careful diet, low salt, rest, and low stress. Talk to your obstetrician about taking aspirin also. Don't take any medication without OB clearance. Read more...