Fell while playing sports, incredibly painful knee? I'm in my teens, I fell during a soccer game and 2 days later it's still incredibly painful. There's no bruise or skin missing or anything, and I can move my knee without any pain, but when I put weight

You . You need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possibel to make sure that there is no internal damage.
It . It surely does sounds like you need to be evaluated. I agree that an orthopaedic surgeon would be an excellent choice. Significant injuries may occur during sports like soccer. You may have a fracture, even a subtle one, that causes the pain you describe, but you may also have an injury to one of the ligaments or the menisci in your knee. Some of the questions your orthopaedist may ask include: "were you able to continue playing after your injury?" "did it hurt immediately or did it hurt more the next day?", "did it swell up immediately or did it take until the next day or did it not swell at all?", "does your knee lock-up or catch?", "does your knee feel wobbly or unstable?" one reason to be evaluated is that you very well may have a problem that is easily solvable early on but not nearly so much later on - - - such as a fracture. Similarly, some mensical tears are repairable, but might not be later if the torn menisicus is allowed to get squashed between the fmeur and tibia for a a significant period of time. This might require that the meniscus be removed, which has been shown to lead to earlier arthritis in the knee. Good luck!