What are some of the side affects of hashimoto disease. I have had the right side of my thyroid removed and take synthroid (thyroxine).

No . No "side effects" or symptoms of hashimoto's are proven outside the possible thyroid enlargement and symptoms of underactive thyroid, some of which dr. Fowler has listed. Once your thyroid levels are normal on your supplement (synthroid) in your case, you should have no symptoms of the hashimotos. By the way, we use the term "side effects" for undesired effects of a drug. Symptoms are what we experience from an illness or disease. See the links below to learn more.
There . There are a number of nonspecific symptoms for hashimoto’s disease. They include feeling tired, inability to tolerate the cold, hoarseness of the voice, constipation, weight gain, dry skin, increased cholesterol level, depressed mood, joint pain, increase in menstrual bleeding, muscle tenderness and weakness.