May I get a diagnosis on possable MS I asking for a doctor to suggest if my symtoms are related to ms, I have major numbness and tingling in my limbs and face, migrains top of my head to my spine, dizzyness, unbalanced, falling blurr vision, twi

The . The primary symptoms of multiple sclerosis are caused by inflammation in the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord). This inflammation usually causes damage to the outer, insulating part of nerve fibers called myelin, and can sometimes damage the fiber (or "axon") too. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis overlap with a number of other neurological, medical and psychiatric conditions. Multiple sclerosis can cause a number of symptoms, including vision loss, incoordination, weakness, and numbness, just to name a few. Usually these symptoms do not occur all at once, but affect different functions of different parts of the body at different times.