I am experiencing severe heartburn and indigestion in my esophagus, making eating and drinking very difficult. Over the counter Gaviscon and prevacid are giving minimal relief. Gas is worse when stomach is empty. Pressure and pain radiate to upper back an

With . With your symptoms this severe it is time to visit your physician to enlist their aid. There are several reasons for excess gas, such as aerophagia, and acid reflux that need to be identified and managed by your physician.
Hello. . Hello. Is this a chronic or a new symptom? Here are some things that you can do to help with your symptoms. 1. Try to wear clothes that are loose around the waist. No constricting belts or clothes that are tight at the waist. 2. Eat smaller meals more often. In other words, avoid large boluses of food. 3. If you are a smoker – that is a big part of your problem. If you don’t smoke – that is very good. If you do – you will likely to continue to have health problems until you quit. 4. Don’t lie flat for several hours after eating. 5. If you are obese – count on more problems. If you aren’t obese, than continue to maintain a healthy weight. 6. Raise the head of the bed. People often do this by placing something under the mattress to elevate it. Adjustable beds work great for this. 7. Avoid any foods that you know to trigger pain; like fried foods or acidic foods. 8. If you drink a lot of alcohol – that is a major problem. 9. Consider drinking ginger tea. Pour boiling water over freshly sliced, organic ginger and steep for five minutes or more before sipping. 10. See your doctor for a complete evaluation. Peptic ulcer is a possible cause for pain which gets better after eating. Gerd is another possibility. Also remember, if this is a new source of pain that a heart attack can present atypically. Recommend medical evaluation to determine your diagnosis and for appropriate treatment.
It's . It's time to see your friendly gastroenterologist.