What is the purpose of a cardiac catheterization?

Diagnosis. To diagnose disease process and plan treatment pre op for surgery CABG sx valve sx pfo closure cardiomyopathy treatment- ie. Alcohol ablation precedure treatment.
Diagnostic Test. A cardiac catheterization or coronary angiogram is a diagnostic test to evaluate the state coronary arteries, in particular looking for stenoses, ejection fraction, pressures and/or sometimes pulmonary hypertension via a right heart cath. It is usually a follow up to a complete cardiac physical and, usually, other diagnostic tests such as an ekg, echo, mps and perhaps even a ccta.

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What purpose does cardiac catheterization serve?

Look at heart artery. A cardiac catheterization is usually an outpatient procedure wher a small hollow tube is placed under local anesthesia into the artery of the arm or leg and advanced to the heart. Iodinated contrast can be injected into the arteries and into the chambers of the heart to help diagnose and treat heart artery blockage and valve problems. Read more...
Cath . This test allows your doctor to visualize the coronary arteries (blood flow to your heart), and take pressure measurements in the chambers of your heart in order to determine if there are problems. If a blockage is found in an artery, then it can be fixed with a stent via catheterization. Read more...