How long does an otoplasty procedure take? How long should I expect my otoplasty to take from the time that I enter the hospital to the time I leave? .

1 - 2hrs; 4-6 hrs to. Tal. Depending on the facility, type of anesthesia. I usually perform this surgery in our surgical suite and can have the patient in and out within 3-4 hours.
90 minutes. The otoplasty procedure should take 90 minutes. You arrive to the hospital or asc about 90 minutes early and require typically 60-90 minutes to recover. All facilities have variable levels of efficiency and your mileage may vary with regard to the overall time estimate.
Varies. Much will depend on the specific surgeon and facility involved. Therefore, best to check with your plastic surgeon for specific information. In my practice, otoplasty surgery generally takes one to 2 hours to perform and patients are in the recovery room for approximately one hour afterwards. Best wishes.
HI, . Hi, most centers require that you arrive early in order to check information and prepare you for the operating room.... Transport, anesthesia administration and recovery all add variable amounts to the time it takes to go home... Expect about 3-5 hours depending on the facility and your surgeon.... Hope this helps.
I . I commonly perform this procedure at our asc. To give a ballpark we have patients arrive 45 minute before the procedure, the case should take 1.5 hours and there is a standard 1 hour recovery room stay. Obviously these are ballpark estimates as the surgery could take a little longer if the condition is more complex. More important than the time taken in the process is the quality of work being performed. I cannot overemphasize this as many people equate time spent as quality. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md.
The . The whole process will likely take a few hours. This presumes that you're having surgery on both ears. It also depends on the type of anesthesia you're receiving (sedation, general or just local numbing injection) as this will dictate how long you'll take to recover. You surgeon can give you a better idea of timing as that's who knows your situation best.