Is cardiac catheterization essential for certain diseases?

Yes. Currently cardiac catheterization is considered the gold standard to diagnose certain conditions. At the present, for example, a cardiac catheterization is the definitive means to diagnose coronary artery disease and treat it by such means as percutaneous coronary intervention (balloon or stent palcement).This method also has promise for treating mitral and aortic valve problems in the near future.
Heart disease. We have very effective noninvasive diagnostic tools. Nevertheless cardiac catheterization is almost always necessary before a patient is considered seriously for cardiac surgical or interventional procedures. When the noninvasive tests are convincing that a surgical or interventional treatment isn't a consideration, then cardiac catheterization usually can be foregone.

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What diseases can be diagnosed from a cardiac catheterization?

Artery and valvular. Cardiac catheterization involves evaluating the anatomy and pressures of the heart as well as the function. Thus, we can see blocked arteries, look at malfunctions of the various valves, investigate the overall function of the heart muscle, and see the results in pressures in the lungs. We can also see if there are abnormal connections between the hear chambers. Read more...