Doc says there is approx: "3 units of blood floating around in my abdomum. Should I be worried? I had hernia surgery on 3/30, dr said it was about 3inches diameter, so pretty large. On 4/20 I went for a follow up w the surgeon and explained my complicati

Hello. . Hello. I certainly hope that your bleeding has stopped. It has been some time since your surgery. Do they plan to get another ct scan to see if blood has resorbed or if there is still bleeding? Often surgeons work in treatment teams, where they can ask for input from colleages. If your surgeon isn't sure how he or she plans to proceed, ask if obtaining a second opinion would be helpful.
Are . Are you feeling slowly better or worse? If better sit tight and things will improve. If worse then further action by your surgeon might be needed.
Based . Based on your lab results, i suspect that you may have misunderstood your surgeon's explanation of the ct findings. Your HGB level is a measure of your red blood cell count in your blood stream. If you had 3 units of blood in your abdominal cavity, your HGB level would be much lower (even accounting for the three weeks since your surgery). Regardless, it is not uncommon to have fluid accumulate in the abdominal cavity after this type of surgery. The only reason to aspirate this fluid is if there is a question whether this fluid is infected; otherwise, your body will slowly absorb the fluid. Bottom line: it sounds like your surgeon is keeping a close watch on you.