Can a doctor, dentist lose there licence for promoting fluoride being that its never been approved to swallow by fda for safty n a correspondence with the food and drug administration (fda), sally stride uncovered some interesting facts about fluoride, n

No. A doctor and/or dentist can not lose their license for prescribing Fluoride to prevent tooth decay. Please stop the fear-mongering and look at the scientific facts and not subjective myths.
No. In very large amounts Fluoride can be fatal. This is true of most products that arose very beneficial in appropriate levels. You can potentially die from drinking a tremendous amount of water! Fluoride has been shown in many studies to be a very effective product in reducing dental decay.
Hello. . Hello. This sounds like a legal question. You might consider posing this question on the legal portion of avvo.Com to obtain an attorney opinion.
This . This is not a legal question, but a political one. Please read an excellent little book called: "no, they can't" by john stossel. It will get some perspective to this question, which is propagated by fear mongers from time to time. The benefits of fluoridation are well documented and it is by far the most important social health question resolved in the 20th century.
As . As a dentist, I have researched the flouride question quite a bit. My conclusions? I have encouraged my children and my grandchildren to drink flouridated water. The downside? Dentists have lost billions of dollars in dental work that is no longer needed.