What does an ECG of right bundle branch block look like?

Rbbbb. A wide qrs on ECG with overall positive qrs deflection on V1 and wide S waves in v5-6.
Technical. There is widening of the qrs complex to 120 ms or longer with slurring of the terminal half of the qrs in all 12 leads. The most characteristic and easily recognized lead is v1 which has a "rabbit ear" appearance with an rsr' pattern.
RSR' in V1. Rsr' is seen in lead v1 on the electrocardiogram. In the lateral leads, such as 1, avl, and v6 there is "terminal delay." the overall qrs width should be greater than 120 ms.

Related Questions

Would it be possible that a rbbb (right bundle branch block) cause a heart murmur?

No. But there are conditions that can both cause a heart murmur and a rbbb (for example, pulmonic stenosis or an atrial or ventricular septal defect).
No. A rbbb is a pattern seen in the ECG where the electrical impulse is delay or interrupted as it spread along the heart. Prevalence increase with age. At 80 y/o close to 10% people can have it. Somewhat benign but an evaluation need to be done to r/o heart and lung conditions. Conditions like copd, cad, myocarditis, valvular heart disease, and other structural heart conditions.

What does incomplete right bundle branch block indicate in an ecg?

Right Bundle Branch. Usually nothing serious. Refers to the way electric current travels in heart muscle.
Ecg. Incomplete right bundle branch block is a benign finding indicating slow conduction in the right bundle branch of the conducting system.

I am diabetic, age 36. I have lightheadedness problem also. Yesterday I got 'Right Bundle Branch Block' in my ECG report. Is it a serious problem?

Not really. RBBB typically is not a worrisome finding as it does not correlate with ischemia/CAD as new LBBB does. Having said that, because you are "lightheaded", a holter monitor and resting echo may be warranted to evaluate for any other arrhythmias and for structural heart disease, respectively, if any. Last as u r of South Asian descent, pls be sure to check ur fasting lipids, glucose and don't smoke.