What are sinus rhythms with incomplete right bundle branch block?

Abnormal ECG. Hello again jmercado -- you have an abnormal ECG -- but this could be an isolated ECG abnormality or it could mean more if you are not feeling well - and you should talk to your doctor about this -.
Incomplete. Rbbb is most common benign conduction abnormality in otherwise healthy people.

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Would it be possible that a rbbb (right bundle branch block) cause a heart murmur?

No. But there are conditions that can both cause a heart murmur and a rbbb (for example, pulmonic stenosis or an atrial or ventricular septal defect).
No. A rbbb is a pattern seen in the ECG where the electrical impulse is delay or interrupted as it spread along the heart. Prevalence increase with age. At 80 y/o close to 10% people can have it. Somewhat benign but an evaluation need to be done to r/o heart and lung conditions. Conditions like copd, cad, myocarditis, valvular heart disease, and other structural heart conditions.