Brace tightening, but no pain? When I get my braces tightened, I hardly never feel any pain, especially like I did when first getting them placed on. Does this mean the braces aren't working? Oh and got braces on november 3, 2011 (about 5 months ago). Co

No & congrats. pain is not a good thing. most adjustment SHOULD BE painless. if you see your teeth moving over the months, then its working.
I hope. I hope your braces are off by now as it's been >3 years since you posed that question. If you keep tissues clean during treatment you feel very little discomfort. If tissues are inflamed, adjustments hurt a lot.
Lucky you! Some patients don't experience discomfort with orthodontic braces. It seems most do experience discomfort the first week, as you mention. Newer wire technology has reduced the force levels we introduce to teeth, this also minimizes discomfort levels. Enjoy the ride and look forward to your outcome. Enjoy your new smile!
No Pain, yes gain! Today, orthodontic appliances and materials are very different then years ago. The wires and springs are made of space age metals that are far more gentle then years ago. There is no correlation between discomfort and tooth movement.
No worries. Pain or discomfort may accompany some stages of orthodontic treatment or it may not. You do not have to experience pain to have improvement during your treatment.
Don't . Don't worry and don't complain! sounds like you're having a good experience and that your orthodontist is taking good care of you. You don't have to suffer to have straight teeth!
Pain . Pain does not always accompany an adjustment of your orthodontic appliances so worry not. Discomfort is usually associated with significant or quick movement of teeth and is related to the pressure that is put on the periodontal ligament that surrounds the teeth, not the nerve in the tooth. Movement of teeth is done in a subtle manner to prevent root resorption. This is why it may appear that nothing is happening.
What . What your experiencing is normal. Orthodontics has a bad rep because years ago the materials that were available we're not very flexible and most of the tooth movement happened at the time of the adjustment. With today's very flexible wires the tooth movement occurs gradually over time and usually does not cause much discomfort.