How long does it take to recover from an ACL surgery? I just had an ACL surgery 7 weeks ago, going through pt right now. How much longer do I need to be in pt and how long would the entire recovery process be?

AT . At 6-8 weeks you shoul be ambulating, (on my protocol), with a brace fully opened if your notion is good, otherwise locked at around your motion limits, when up and about. 8-10 wean from brace bike and walk or slow jog on even ground 12-16 progress to gentle cutting. All this time you should be on an aggressive closed chain pre for hams and quads..Gradually increase as you knee lets you, listen to it, it will let you know if you are progressing too fast. Full activity goal for my patients is 10-12 months.
If . If you are making steady gains in pt, i would recommend continuing until you are released to full contact activities. At 12 weeks post-surgery you can begin jogging and sport specific exercises. I usually tell patients it will take 9-12 months until they are completely released to full contact sports.