When did atherosclerosis become treatable?

ForDecadesYetIgnored. Atherosclerosis, typically starts ~age 7, is primarily driven by lipoproteins (the proteins which transport fat in the water outside cells), not cholesterol (made by every cell), thus optimize NMR particle test (hdl & LDL concentration, not cholesterol), keep hba1c low, optional =5.0%, sbp =120 mmhg, don’t smoke, exercise, avoid dietary sugars, etc; study: nusi. Org, taubes, attia, lustig fatchance.
They are not -- Hello jmercado -- atherosclerosis remains untreatable -- we know more about the cellular biology and make up of different types of atherosclerosis plaques -- and we know more about risk factors related to the plaque development -- so perhaps we could improve the odds of healthy living even longevity -.
Risk Factors. Atherosclerosis, also known as “hardening of the arteries”, occurs when areas of the artery wall thicken in response to either increased modifiable (high LDL particle levels, smoking or high blood pressure)and non-modifiable (genetics, age, gender) risk factors. Over time, areas of focal thickening may grow into a larger lesion called a “plaque" that can limit blood flow through the vessel.