If I have a tumor in my breast, can that cause severe chest pains? Fifteen yr old girl. Two lumps in left breast.

FIBROCYSTIC CHANGES. Painful breast lumps in a teenager are usually the result of fibrocystic changes, a benign condition that can cause cysts or fibrous growths to develop. They can be quite tender, and can fluctuate in their tenderness based on your cycle. You can use antiinflammatory drugs, like Aspirin or advil, (ibuprofen) for relief, but you do need to see your doctor for an evaluation. Good luck.
Yes chest pain can b. Breat tumors can be painful in the breast /chest areas. Go see a doctor, usually these are not of any concen in terms iof cancer.

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I have a left breast lump, burning stomach pain (on tecta), headaches (lots of pressure), enlarged left chest bone, occasional tight chest pain. Help.

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