What are the cures of atherosclerosis?

NoCures, EffectiveTx. The LDL & HDL lipoproteins (protein particles which carry all fats in the water outside cells, see: "nmr particle test" are the primary issue, along with blood glucose (optimal hba1c ?5.0%), blood pressure (sbp ?20 mmhg), no smoking & several other issues, known & not. Thus best to address all issues in unisyn, do not aim for normal. Instead aim for excellence: absence of drivers of the disease.
Prevention. Best possible personal choices: no smoking regular exercize best diet weight at normal bmi check blood pressure and lipids delay onset as long as we can.
Atherosclerosis. 1. Control of causes: smoking, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity 2. Medicine. Statin medicine with a goal of bring your LDL cholesterol below 75. 3. Exercise and lifestyle changes (see 1.) follow your doctor's advice to the letter... For instance, if you don't quit smoking, forget the rest. The disease will only advance.