I broke my elbow but no cast was put on, only a splint so will this heal ok? Xrays showed I cracked at the joint. I can't afford to see an orthopedic specialist because I have no insurance or money. I just want to know if my elbow will heal ok in a splin

It . It completely depends on what was fractured but it may very well be possible that this heals with out surgery or even a cast. Small fractures of the radial head (at the elbow) are commonly treated with a sling. Non-displaced or minimally displaced fractures of the olecranon (elbow end of the ulna bone) may also be treated without surgery in some cases. It is common to place a splint initially, rather than a cast, as the splint does not go all the way around the arm like a cast and it allows for the normal amount of swelling you may see after such an injury. You should seek follow-up to ensure that this heals in the correct position. Good luck!