Could the numbness I am feeling be caused by a pinched nerve? I am experiencing numbness on the left side of my chest, under left arm, and back. I have had a sharp pain for 3 weeks that goes from my shoulder blade through to my chest. I was sent to the

Arguably . Arguably the worst possible cause of severe pain felt in the shoulder blade and deep into the chest would be an uncommon condition called aortic dissection. Problems with the gallbladder and heart can also cause pain in the region of the shoulder or armpit (axilla). The spinal nerve corresponding to t2 also feels an area that involves the armpits and hoop-shaped strip of skin that runs across your chest above your nipples, through your armpits, and across your back at about the same level (it also involves part of the skin on the arm). After excluding things like dissection, heart problems, and gallbladder problems, a neurosurgeon may be helpful to get to a diagnosis and some relief.