Are there cures for arteriosclerosis?

Not really. There is no cure for arteriosclerosis. Everyone is going to have some arteriosclerosis if you live long enough. You can slow progression of arteriosclerosis by controlling your risk factors: blood pressure goal <130/80mmhg; ldl goal< 100mg/dl; daily aerobic exercise > 45 minutes; not smoking; staying close to normal BMI of < 25kg/m2; if you are diabetic, keep good control with A1c goal < 7.
LargelyYes TxDrivers. See: https://www.Healthtap.Com/#user_questions/40759, people with excellent measured LDL (nmol/l) & HDL (?mol/l) concentrations (see NMR particle test), low normal blood glucose (optimal hba1c =5.0%), low normal blood pressure, do not smoke, not obese & eat few carbs, rarely develop ds. Thus emulate these behaviors, have seem many people dramatically improve over last decade using this knowledge.