Where is the aortic valve?

Between LV and Ao. The aortic valve is a passive flap valve with three leaflets which opens as the left ventricle (LV) ejects blood into the Aorta (Ao). After ejection, the LV relaxes, and when LV pressure is lower than Ao pressure, the aortic valve flaps closed, preventing blood from leaking (regurgitating) back into the heart.
Heart. The aortic valve is located at the junction of the heart and the aorta. Looking down the aorta (picture) one can see the three leaflets of the valve. Below the leaflets is the left ventricular outflow tract. .
Between LV & aorta. It is the part of the heart between the outflow tract of the left ventricle and the beginning of the aorta.

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Where is the aortic valve located?

Aortic Valve. The aortic valve is an integral part of the heart and is located between the left ventricle and the aorta. It opens when the left ventricle contracts (systole) and allows blood to be pumped into the aorta. It closes when the left ventricle fills (diastole). Read more...

Where are the best aortic valve repair hospitals in the country?

Replacement . Routine aortic valve replacement should be very successful at any hospital with a busy open heart program and an expierenced surgeon. Interview your surgeon and check the hospitals numbers (all available on line) and trust your drs to send you to the right place. Sometimes pts get too clever. Be educated but dont go crazy. Unless ur in a very rural area, most cities have fine hospitals locally. Read more...

Can anyone tell me that where is the precise location of aortic valve so that I can put the stethoscope in the right area. I find it at mid chest.

What will you hear? The aortic valve is typically in the upper mid chest but murmurs from this valve are typically best heard in the upper right chest near the sternum and the lower left chest between the left breast and the sternum. Read more...