Looking for a professional that has studied hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania) in adult patients. Have multiple questions. Not officially diagnosed but I fit all the criteria for this disorder. I pull out my hair strand by strand which has created b

Look on trich.org. Treatment of choice = habit reversal training which involves a) awareness training; b) training in substituting behavior that competes w/hair-pulling; & c) social support. But hrt has not proven sufficient by itself. Treatment tends to be more successful/enduring when combined cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy &/or psychopharmacology.
Hi, . Hi, i recommend that you seek out a therapist in your area that has experience in dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder. Word of mouth is helpful. Sometimes clinical psychologists and psychiatrists advertise their areas of expertise when calling a behavioral health clinic it is alright to ask provider or the staff if the person is experienced in working with ocd. Good luck.